• 外贸外语学院

    College of International Trade and Foreign Languages

  • 财务会计学院

    College of Finance and Accountancy

  • 工商管理学院

    College of Business Administration

  • 旅游与民航管理学院

    College of Tourism and Civil Aviation Management

  • 网络学院

    Faculty of Network Science

  • 艺术设计学院

    School of Art Design

  • 雅和人居工程学院

    Yaha School of Engineering and Built Environment

  • 中广天择传媒学院

    TVZONE Academy of Media and Communication

  • 南海音乐学院

    Nanhai Conservatory of Music

  • 新丝路时尚·体育学院

    New Silk Road School of Fashion Design and Physical Education

  • 南海电影学院

    Nanhai Film Academy

  • 好莱坞华都影视学院

    Wardour Studios Academy

  • 马克思主义学院

    Faculty of Marxism

  • 创新创业学院

    College of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Management

  • 继续教育学院

    College of Continuing Education

  • 附属中等专业学校

    Affiliated Vocational School

  • 公共外语教学部

    Department of public foreign language teaching